Cloud migration offers many benefits to organizations, such as cost-saving, opportunities for innovation, building business resilience, and more. Companies are increasingly embracing the cloud to stay competitive and progress with technology. AWS is one of the leading cloud services providers, and companies are choosing their platform as a destination to move their workloads. But there are many challenges an organization may come across when trying to move its operations to the cloud. The teams will have to figure out answers to several questions and prepare in many ways throughout the course. This write-up highlights some major issues cloud teams will face during AWS cloud migration. We also list some AWS cloud training programs to help teams be better prepared for migration.

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AWS Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud teams will have to answer many questions when migrating workloads to the cloud. The first and foremost phase of migration is assessment and building a business case.

In this stage, the cloud leader identifies the business objectives of migration, lists out workloads that the team must move to the cloud, sets the project’s time frame, and outlines the strategies for migration.

  • Inadequate Planning and Foresight

Cloud migration requires the participation of business stakeholders and cloud teams in the planning stage. The goals must be well-defined, and the cloud team must have good clarity on what applications they will move to the cloud and how they perform once the migration is complete. Sometimes when the team does not answer these critical questions, there are chances of cost shooting up and performance surprises once the migration is complete.

  • Lack of Cloud Expertise

Once the team has clarity on the migration plan and the strategies for moving workloads, the team should figure out the expertise required to run the project smoothly. There is great demand for cloud professionals in the market, and without experienced professionals working in the team, there may be hiccups in the project. The cloud leader may also choose to build the team’s skills in advance through AWS cloud training courses. There may be various other teams within the organization who may require training in AWS cloud fundamental courses, which helps them innovate and reap the full benefits of the cloud.

AWS Cloud Training – Preparing Your Team for Migration

AWS offers a wide range of courses to upskill teams and help companies embrace the cloud more confidently.

  • For the leaders

The Migrating to AWS course is for cloud team leads, project managers, and Solutions Architects. The course focuses on helping professionals learn about cloud migration strategies, planning, moving workloads, and post-migration validation and optimization. The course can enable professionals to make informed decisions during the migration. It is a 3-day course that AWS Authorized Instructors conduct.

  • For the beginners

For cloud migration to succeed, the organization must get ready with the right mindset to adapt to the changes. AWS offers Cloud Practitioner Essentials and Technical Essentials courses that can be taken up by non-IT professionals and IT professionals, respectively. These courses provide beginners with an understanding of fundamental cloud concepts and the benefits of AWS services.

  • For the cloud professionals

For experienced developers, software engineers, and system administrators, AWS offers many programs to build the skills required when moving workloads to the cloud.